Pavement ends passionate about jeeps

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In a highly competitive market you need to bee seen as an expert and focused on your customer. The companies that have grown in the past few years are those that have taken their brand to the next level by focusing on a core set of customers or really selling in a market that they are passionate about. At companies like Pavement Ends (which is a very cool name for what they do) you can see the level of commitment they have to jeep owners. By focusing on accessories and replacements parts for your jeep they create a brand equity that is tough to compete with. I include one of their many videos that they have put up on youtube that helps show their customers how to install bumpers, kits, or tops. They have a cool video where one of the girls who work at Pavement Ends goes through the process of adding a soft top to her jeep almost all on her own.

There are several Pavement Ends Reviews where you can see what others are writing about this company and others that have taken a more focused approach. Including a social presence where customers can interact with the company owners and employees is critical in this human driven search world. Today customers are not only searching google and their local parts store to find a company , but they are also looking for videos and online discussions where real customers talk about their experience.

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You can start saving money from your favorite online stores. If you make a lot of purchases online, then be sure to hunt for coupons and discount codes that you can find online. Why pay full price? When you can spend a little extra effort and search for some of the savings that is available online. Sites like is a great resource to research some of the great deals online and helping you to save money with purchases you are going to make.

Angus Reed and the Wyndham marina development

Wyndham Marina and Angus ReedDevelopers today are looking for new and innovative ways to develop properties for where both home owners and businesses can coexist. We have started to see more community projects start up that include condos and businesses under one main footprint that creates a small ecosystem. This is also the case along major water fronts like those Australia. One such developer , Angus Reed, and his company Prudentia have been involved in developing Wyndham Marina, located in Melbourne, Australia. The project itself was delayed in the initial phases to get started to due to land use and sustainability surveys that had to be completed in order to understand the impact on the surrounding wetlands and shore lands. In the development plans there was about 12 hectare of wetlands and public space that have been created. In addition there was a commitment by Angus Reed and development company to rehabilitate some of the coastal shores and reserves in the surrounding areas.

Angus Reed is no stranger to developing marina properties as he showed in a project that was built in Dubai. In different countries the requirements are change and being able to develop a major entertainment, commercial and residential area was critical in the success of getting approval of the Wyndham Marina project. There will be solar powered systems in place to help home owners and businesses to harness the suns power and reduce their carbon footprint. A minimum 6 star energy rating will be required for all homes and using local and newly developed wetlands can be used to capture water runoff and provide more reusable resources.

The marina will offer up to 1000 wet beths with the ability to store up to 390 boats and right now they are selling 99 years leases. A proposed ferry will help link other ports along the waterway and the development is estimated to generate approximately 400 jobs and have major positive impact on the local company.




If you have ever wanted to use your Twitter or Facebook account for good things then may be something that you can get involved with. We were recently made aware of the launch and wanted to do our part in order to help spread the news. There are so many ways to get involved and one of those is through blogging and raising awareness. There are other simple ways in which to get involved by simple shopping through one of their travel partners and look for the Click MassiveGood logo and just click. We have included a short video at the end of this post in order to share what they are involved with. There are some big names that are getting involved in this movement and now you have a chance to make a difference through micro-contributions and bring awareness and help to some of the preventable deaths that take place across the world.


MASSIVEGOOD uses the power of social media to help stop the millions of preventable deaths from HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis and increase maternal and child health in the developing world.
Social networks have revolutionized how we interact. But can they raise awareness and increase funding for some of the most pressing global health issues in the 21st century?

MASSIVEGOOD does both, by creating a worldwide community based on small individual acts of giving. MASSIVEGOOD lets you make a $2 micro-contribution towards major global health causes every time you buy a plane ticket, reserve a hotel room or rent a car.

Available in the USA since early 2010, MASSIVEGOOD allows travelers to make their trip really meaningful and connect with fellow contributors on this website, a social network for those committed to building a healthier world. To ensure that all travelers can make a difference, leaders in the travel and tourism industry have joined with global health organizations to support MASSIVEGOOD in an impressive private-public coalition.

It’s an easy way to do good and connect with others that are doing the same – just click MASSIVEGOOD!

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WiFi access points managed through the cloud

There is a lot of noise around cloud computing. Most recently Amazon and Apple have announced and starting to roll out their cloud services that will enable users to share and have access to their files and music no matter where they are at. Business hosting providers have started offering cloud based hosting where there is a shared resource to help improve access times and reduce down time. Now this technology is being introduced through the Tanaza Cloud WiFi Management SaaS solutions. Tanaza is creating a solution that allows companies to monitor and control all their wifi access points through one central location through the cloud solutions.Companies have grown and their offerings of wifi access points has also grown in numbers. This has created a IT nightmare in managing different platforms and hardware solutions. There is no need to worry about server upgrades or equipment compatibility issues as the Tanza SaaS solution takes care of all this for you.

Your access points are secure through a 256 bit SSL encryption and based on Google App engine. With Tanaza you can almost completely reduce your expenditure for additional hardware when an upgrade is needed and reduce your overall operating cost. Tanaza has taken the frustrating job of managing wifi access points and created a simple solution using a technology that is becoming the standard in network, software, and hosting solutions. The ideal around being able to share and access software when and where you need it is gaining traction as technologies are evolving. This makes scalability much easier and the cost structure is reduced. They also plan to have apps available for those administrators that want to manage their systems through a tablet or smartphone.

Find your new home at The Falls of Jensen beach

This past year has seen a lot of change and a lot of things that have stayed the same. Our government looks as if it will stay the same at least for the next few years. The economy is still trying to pull out of the down turn and certain parts of the country are starting to see growth. We have seen homes sales starting to pick up in parts of the US and the low interest rates are helping people to start to looking at new homes as well as purchasing existing homes. You can find various reports on the best places to buy a new home and live depending on the source. I was doing some research and had the chance to come across New Homes Jensen Beach in Martin county Florida. A part of the country that was hit particular hard when the housing bubble bust, Florida was seen as the one of the most hardest hit in housing values. What is deceiving about some of those statistics is that a large part of the loss in value came from the larger metro areas while some of the outlying areas like Jensen Beach were not as impacted.
If you up this area of Florida it is home to the sail fish, sea turtles and boast one of the best high schools as claimed by Newsweek the last two years. With some of the best beaches on the East Coast this area offers a place to call home.  Jensen Beach Falls is one of several gated communities that is just minutes from great shopping and the beach. They offer 6 different floor plans and the homes start at the $300,000 and with the current mortgage rates at all time lows you can get the home of your dreams for a great price. I have also included this informative YouTube video to take a quick tour of the homes and the area.

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How to brand your site through email

If you are starting your website or blog, why not use your email to help build traffic and brand your website. We use and We place a signature in that is automatically sent out to all those we communicate with. So whether is is freinds, family, or customers they all know what we have to offer. And the best part is when you send along some great news, or the joke of the day, your email is attached and more and more see your sites. See the power. Most email providers allow you to set up a default signature that can be sent with all emails. So check it out and make your email a part of your online branding.

even service companies are using social media

There are even construction and service companies that specialize in everything from electrical to waterproofing basement projects that are using social media to attract new customers and keep their current customers up to date on their specials. I think we all could use help with marketing online better and network solutions can provide you with the tools and knowledge to be a more effective marketer online.

social blogging

Finding Bushwacker fender flares for your truck

In the Pacific NW we are in the start of hunting season. That means long cold weekends hanging out with your buddies in the hopes that you are able to bring something back home. If you are fortunate enough to draw an elk tag your hunting expedition just got a lot more interesting. As you travel further north all you see on the road are trucks that have been upgraded to be functional on the road as well as handle the rugged off road terrain of getting into a mountain camp. If you own a truck or jeep then you have probably heard of Bushwaker and the various accessories that they offer to help make your vehicle look great as well as protect your truck.
We found some great Bushwacker Reviews online that detail their fender flare products which are functionally designed to protect your tires from debris. At Bushwaker they make it very easy to see if your vehicle can support their products. You simply enter the year, make and model of your truck or jeep and then you will find suitable accessories for your vehicle. You can put them on yourself or find a local authorized dealer that can help attach your new stylish and functional accessories. Take pride in your ride and make sure that you are protecting it from both road and off-road hazards.
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Dedicated Servers

Catapult Yourself Past The Competition With A Dedicated Server


There’s a difference between blogging for self fulfillment and blogging professionally. When in the professional blogger realm, there is going to be more pressure and higher expectations. Professional bloggers have people who count on them for information and once their content takes off, its going to be top priority to be dependable. This is where investing in a dedicated server is a smart idea. Dedicated servers offer amenities that will help set you apart and catapult you past your competition. Some of the benefits of having a dedicated server are more bandwidth, multiple dedicated IP addresses and a streamline flow, which makes being crawled by search engines easier.Through London Colocation solutions you can now have more flexibility in your managed sites resources. Managing and storing your data is simplified and you can rest easy knowing that your information will always be available to your audience.